There are two factors to influence performance of PU. The most concern is PU discoloration from UV light, heat, oxygen, and NOx attacks. The other is raw materials affect PU performance. About UV light, heat, oxygen, and NOx attacks, EVERLIGHT provide a series of solutions to improve performance.

R = Recommended | A = Can be used 

Product Name CAS NO. Appearance PUPU FoamTPUSpandex
Eversorb 7425973-55-1Powder / FD R R R A
Eversorb 23470321-86-7Powder / FD R R R
Eversorb 9052829-07-9 Powder / FD A A
Eversorb 9465447-77-0Free of Dust R
Eversorb 76541556-26-7 / 28919-37-7Liquid R R R