UV Asorber

UV absorber
Specialty Chemicals Business Unit provides Light stabilizers, UV master batch for improving light fastness.

The synthetic of polymer materials such as various plastics, synthtic rubber, synthetic fibers, coatings, adhesives are due to have excellent mechanical,
electrical and processing properties; therefore widely been used in the packaging, containers, housings, automotive parts (inside and outside). These polymer materials are in outdoor will be due to ultraviolet radiation (UV), heat, oxygen, metal ions, results of

degradation are the deterioration of the deterioration of the exposed polymer material’s appearance, such as surface yellowing, gloss reduction, softening, embrittlement and cracking, and changes in physical-mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength, etc. also decreased significantly. Degradation of polymer materials caused by a number of factors, the most important factor is UV-irradiation, when light stabilizers are required for protecting from UV degradation, and to extend the life of polymer materials.


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